9" Clear Arrow WrapsItem Number: 7983
$11.99 $11.99
Made in the US

9" Clear Arrow Wraps

Item Number: 7983
$11.99 $11.99
Made in the US

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These 9" clear caps wraps are a great alternative to clear dipping over a cresting to seal it in quickly, while protecting that fine cresting from chipping or smearing from shooting. A universal surface for gluing fletching, these extra-long, ultra-clear wraps will cover most cap dip and crestings.

Installs on crested wood, carbon, and aluminum shafting. Fletch-Tite Platinum is the recommended fletching glue; 12 wraps per package, which fit 17/64" to 23/64" shafting.

  • Installation Tip: Roll on a soft mouse pad to install.
  • CAUTION: Adhesive glues can pull the color of alcohol based stains through the wrap and discolor glues.
  • Removal Tip: Boil water and hold your cap wrapped part of the arrow in the steam. This loosens the adhesive hold and makes it easier to peel off. (Not for wood shafting.)