3Rivers Archery Cairn Junior Youth Bow KitItem Number: 2459X
$249.99 $249.99
3Rivers Archery Cairn Junior Youth Bow Kit

3Rivers Archery Cairn Junior Youth Bow Kit

Item Number: 2459X
$249.99 $249.99

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Let the Traditional Only® Cairn Junior Takedown recurve bow kit guide you on your traditional archery path. It has everything you need to get shooting.

This Kit features our sleek and smooth-shooting Traditional Only® Cairn Junior Takedown Recurve, feather fletched carbon youth arrows, recurve bow stringer, quality leather youth armguard, bow string, and quality leather youth tab.

We've designed the 54" Cairn Junior with added attention to the "fit and finish" for a sleek and curvy look. We've used only the highest quality woods and materials in making this outstanding bow. The simple, no-tools takedown system makes this an ideal bow for beginners.

Includes endless loop Dacron bow string.

The no-tools thumb bolt attachment system also allows for Allen wrench tightening for an extra snug fit.

Available in Right and Left Hand, 54" AMO, with pull weights of 15, 20, and 25# @ 26"draw.

  • Laminated wood riser
  • Radiused cut-to-center shelf
  • Front stabilizer bushing, plunger hole, ATA accessory holes
  • Limbs: Maple core surrounded by black fiberglass
  • Reinforced tips are high performance string compatible
  • 6-pack of feather fletched carbon youth arrows
  • Recurve bow stringer
  • Quality leather youth armguard
  • bow string
  • Quality leather youth tab
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm