Arrow Tips by Gold Tip: Broadhead Tuning

Arrow Assembly Broadhead Tuning Paper Tuning Bare Shaft Tuning Broadhead Tuning – Things to Consider: The more blade surface a broadhead has, the more steering ability it will have. For this reason fixed blade broadheads with large cutting diameters tend to be slightly more difficult to tune. Although mechanical broadheads tend to have fewer tuning […]

Arrow Tips by Gold Tip: Paper Tuning

Arrow Assembly Broadhead Tuning Paper Tuning Bare Shaft Tuning Paper Tuning Shoot arrows through a suspended sheet of paper at a distance of 4 to 6 feet and observe the resulting tear. See adjustment illustration below to achieve a perfect tune. Make vertical adjustments prior to horizontal adjustments to avoid getting a false reading due […]

Broadhead Sharpening Videos from 3Rivers Archery

Sharpening the Woodsman Broadhead Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery demonstrates how to sharpen the deadly Woodsman Broadhead using the Stubby JewelStik Diamond Hone, Broadhead File, Flat Stone or Flat Diamond Sharpener, and 3Rivers Broadhead Holder. Sharpening 2-Blade Broadheads Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery shows you how to sharpen 2 blade broadheads using the Grobet Broadhead […]

Shooting with the Family

by Johnathan Karch Going to archery shoots is great fun for the whole family. It’s a great time to get in some practice with your bow and arrow, and enjoy the company of others who share your love of archery. I recently took my wife and three girls to an outdoor shoot for the first […]

Getting Kids Started in Traditional Archery

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith When you put a bow in a kid’s hands, you’re keeping the spirit of traditional archery alive! Strike while the iron’s hot! For kids, archery is a world of adventure, power, and intrigue. They’re naturally fascinated with traditional bows and arrows and their enthusiasm is refreshing. What happens when […]

Product Demos: How-To Videos from 3Rivers Archery 11

Product Demos/How-To Videos from 3Rivers Archery Little Chopper Feather Die Cutter 3Rivers Archery has purchased the exclusive rights to the legendary Little Chopper! Enjoy this informative video about the use of this versatile and quality feather chopper. The Arrow Whiz! This tutorial takes you step-by-step through our new online tool, the Arrow Whiz. The Arrow […]

Setting up a Bowfishing Arrow

by Johnathan Karch Bowfishing Can Be Fun and Rewarding Bowfishing is fun for all ages. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by the beginner looking for more of a challenge than targets (and more fun) to shoot, to the die-hard bowhunter that loves to have the bow in their hands all-year round. Using […]

Getting Ready for the Hunting Season

by: Dale Karch Longbow & Recurve Hunting – A Rewarding Challenge In order to get ready for the upcoming hunting season, there are a few more items that need to be addressed other than just sharpening your broadheads. Mind you, a sharp broadhead is very important! But we need to look at all of our […]

Spiral Wrap Flu-Flu Fletching Instructions

By TrueFlight Feathers The quick and easy way to make a very effective, low cost flu-flu arrow. Ideal for aerial and close range targets! CAUTION: ONLY TRUEFLIGHT SPECIALLY PREPARED FULL LENGTH FOR SPIRAL WRAP HAVE A SUPER THIN QUILL TO EASILY WRAP AROUND THE SHAFT. Regular full length will not wrap around the arrow shaft […]