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Byron Ferguson's Shooting School Contest

You're Automatically Entered When You Buy a 6-Pack of Byron Ferguson Heavy Hunter Shafts!

Now through March 15, 2014, when you purchase a 6 pack of Byron Ferguson's Heavy Hunter Shafts, you're entered to win a spot at his world famous shooting school! No purchase necessary to enter. Winner will be drawn March 31, 2014 and notified by phone call by April 4, 2014. Free Shooting School Class ($1,500 value - Travel expenses not included). Contest open to adults ages 18 and over only. Minors not eligible. Click here for complete details.

The Karch Family adds Margaret Anne Karch

The Karch Family Welcomes Margaret Anne

Margaret Anne Karch was born Wednesday morning, May 1, 2013, weighing 6 lbs 11 oz., and measuring 20" long. Join us in welcoming the newest member of the Karch family! Looks like Dale and Sandie need to stock up on those Pink Youth Arrows!

3Rivers Archery 2013 Catalog goes to the Printer

3Rivers Archery 2013 Catalog Goes to Printers

The 3Rivers Archery marketing team worked day and night to put together our best catalog yet! Features exciting new bows, arrows, treestands, blinds, quivers, and much more! Plus, Tred Barta, Fred Eichler, Tomahawk Bows, DAS Bows, and all your favorite brands return!

Be sure to watch your mail box right after the new year for your copy.

Dale & Sandie Karch Archery Seminar in Norway

Dale & Sandie Karch Attend Archery Seminar in Norway

3Rivers Archery owners, Dale and Sandie Karch, recently returned from a trip to Norway, where they were invited to participate in a two day shooting seminar for Norwegian archers. Dale and Sandie began their journey with a stay at the home of 3Rivers Archery's largest Scandinavian dealer, Ola Klåpbakken. They spent two nights and one day with Ola and his family, shooting bows, telling tales, and enjoying the beautiful countryside surrounding Ola's home. From there, Dale and Sandie traveled to Oslo, where they conducted seminars and offered instruction during a two day archery event. Dale instructed 16 archers, teaching them basic stance and form, as well as paper tuning and bare shaft tuning. Much to Dale's surprise, the Norwegian archers learned a great deal from his presentation on hand-straightening arrows. Dale and Sandie would like to thank their hosts for a warm welcome and priceless memories.

Tred Barta Hunting Black Bear

Tred Barta Back in Action with Black Bear Hunt!

Acclaimed Sportsman and Bowhunter, Tred Barta, continues his tradition of "Doing it the hard way" by harvesting this impressive black bear. Tred shows the true spirit of the American Sportsman by getting right back into the thick of it after his spinal stroke last year. Tred used his trusty 55 pound Barta Bow, Barta Wilderness Arrows, and 145 Grain Woodsman Broadhead, all from 3Rivers Archery. And Tred isn't planning to slow down any time soon. Future hunts (to be featured on his popular show on the Versus Channel) include: Elk, African Game, Deer, Swan, and Grizzly Bear. Like Tred says: "Never give up, never say never!"

Dale Karch with Florida Tom Turkey

Dale Karch Takes Florida Tom Challenge!

3Rivers Archery President, Dale Karch, recently harvested this Osceola Turkey, one of the most challenging of the turkey subspecies. In addition to being slightly smaller than its eastern cousins, the Osceola has longer spurs and beards on average than the other subspecies. It is only found on the Florida peninsula, making it a unique and highly sought after trophy. Special thanks to Nickie Roth of Archery Outfitters in St Petersburg, Florida.

Tred Barta Update

Tred Barta Update!

3Rivers Archery received a postcard from Tred and Anni Barta. Here is what they had to say: "It's been a long and difficult journey since May 6 and we couldn't have done it without your encouragement. We are making big progress. The house now works for Tred's wheelchair, we have the blood cancer under control, and we are learning new skills and starting to do the things we used to love: horseback riding with the help of a special saddle, bow hunting, deep sea fishing with the help of some harnessing Anni is constantly fine tuning, and now skiing. We feel blessed to have each other and such a large circle of support. This has given us an opportunity to appreciate the things that really matter in life and we hope to encourage others to meet their challenges. Our message to you is to live in the moment, be grateful for what you have. Thank you for blessing us.
With love, Tred and Anni"

The management and employees of 3Rivers Archery join the rest of the traditional archery community in wishing Tred and Anni all the best as they continue with Tred's treatment and therapy.

3Rivers Archery Staff and Friends Hunting Moose

3Rivers Hunting Expedition Returns Triumphant!

3Rivers Archery President and Co-Owner, Dale Karch, has returned from a traditional Canadian moose hunt in British Columbia. Dale was accompanied by 3Rivers Arrow Production Manager, Dean VanderHorst, Denny Sturgis, Jr. of Traditional Vision Quest, Rich Niblock, and Steve Slomsky. Dean and Denny's efforts were rewarded with lots of moose meat and antlers! The grouse hunting was also exceptional, as was the scenery and comradery. The guys roughed it for ten days in the British Columbia wilderness, hunting by day and telling tall tales around the campfire at night. Congratulations to Dean and Denny for their first moose harvests!

Alexa Karch Joins the Karch Family

Karch Family Welcomes New Addition!

3Rivers Archery's Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, Johnathan Karch, and his wife Jennifer, welcomed their second child, Alexandra Rose Karch, on September 11, 2009. Alexandra weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and measured 18 inches. Big sister Bella is excited to have a new archer in the family!

3Rivers Archery launches updated web site

3Rivers Archery Launches New Web Site!

Always striving to provide the best services for our customers, 3Rivers Archery has revamped our web site offering convenient features and a streamlined design. Now has wider pages, more customer service options, top navigation, more product selections, and a log out button. Plus, we still have your favorite features, like the trophy room, helpful videos and product demos, product reviews, item search, 3D shoots, and more. Be sure to explore all of the new features at!

New Woodsman Elite Broadhead

3Rivers Archery Announces The New Woodsman Elite Broadhead!

For years bowhunters the world over have counted on the Woodsman® Broadhead to put meat in the freezer. Now, “the most deadly broadhead you’ll ever shoot”® has been refined and rebuilt into predatory perfection! The new Woodsman® Elite features solid one-piece construction, machined from tool-grade steel. The Elite is coated with advanced pure Teflon® for the deepest penetration. The Woodsman® Elite spins true every time and has excellent edge retention with 50 Rockwell. Redesigned with a pyramid tip for unsurpassed strength. Proudly made in the USA, the Woodsman® Elite is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

“I bought the original Woodsman® broadhead because of its unparalleled performance and deadly results,” says Dale Karch, President of 3Rivers Archery. “Now we have taken the deadliest and made it even deadlier with cutting edge innovation, next generation engineering, and razor sharp precision. The Woodsman® Elite broadhead is truly the most deadly broadhead you’ll ever shoot!”

The Woodsman® Elite Broadhead is now available from 3Rivers Archery in a convenient 3-pack in 125 grain glue-on and 150 grain screw-in models. Learn more about the new Woodsman® Elite broadhead at

Tred Barta battles Cancer

Bowhunting Icon, Tred Barta, Battles Cancer

Bowhunter and television personality, Tred Barta, has been diagnosed with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia, a rare but very treatable form of lymphoma. Doctors believe this may also be the cause of his recent paralysis. The staff and management of 3Rivers Archery offer our thoughts and prayers for Tred and his family during this very trying time.

Those who wish to donate money to help with Mr. Barta's medical and new living equipment needs may make donations in Tred's name to The Vail Valley Charitable Fund, which is a 501(c)3 charity. Your donation is tax deductable. Their address is:

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund
PO Box 1275
Avon, CO 81620
Phone: 970-845-6339

You may also pay by credit card online at Be sure to mention that it is for Tred. Or you may make deposits to Wells Fargo Bank, Tred Barta medical fund - Routing #102000076, acct # 8990772827.

Dale Karch with Capybara Dale Karch with Red Stag

Dale Karch is "on Target" During Argentina Hunting Trip!

Recently returning from Agentina, Dale Karch and friends were successsful on bowhunting Red Stag and Capybara, the world's largest rodent. Traditional archery in South America is a growing sport and with the beautiful countryside, many bowhunters are taking their archery gear and heading south.

Red Stag was the main big game animal of interest, but no bowhunter could resist stalking the world's largest rodent, the Capybara. A great trip for all archers involved and success for many. Dale and the others enjoyed the bowhunting and the countryside. A great hunt to be remembered.

Equipment Used:
Tomahawk® Longbow SS Diamond Series
Traditional Only Carbon Arrows
Protoype broadhead

125 grain Woodsman screw-in broadhead

3Rivers Archery Announces 125 Grain Screw-In Woodsman Broadheads!

For years the deadly Woodsman Broadhead has been the most popular multi-blade traditional head on the market. From the Arctic Circle to the plains of Africa, thousands of animals have fallen to its devastating, penetrating power!

Now the most popular multi-blade head is available in the most popular broadhead weight… the 125 Grain Screw-In. Always ready to bring our customers cutting edge products, 3Rivers Archery has developed the 125 grain screw-in Woodsman to meet the growing demand for a deadlier broadhead.

President and Co-Owner of 3Rivers Archery, Dale Karch, feels the 125 Woodsman is the next logical step in the Woodsman’s evolution. “The 125 Woodsman Broadhead features all the punch and power of the 150 packed into 125 grains of terror,” says Karch. “If you thought the 150 was devastating, then you’ll be thrilled with the 125 grain Woodsman, the most requested broadhead weight.”

The 125 grain Woodsman Broadhead is now on available from 3Rivers Archery in a convenient 3-pack.

Teresa Williams VP of Operations at 3Rivers Archery

3Rivers Promotes Teresa Williams to V.P. of Operations

Long time 3Rivers Archery employee, Teresa Williams, has been promoted to Vice President of Operations. She is considered a vital asset to the company by 3Rivers Archery owners, Dale and Sandie Karch. "We have the greatest admiration for Teresa and trust her to help guide 3Rivers towards a bright future," says Dale. "I'm truly honored to be given such a promotion," says Teresa. "Dale and Sandie Karch have been the best leaders to work for. I've learned so much from them over the years, and I have the utmost respect for them."

3Rivers Archery's Online Catalogs

3Rivers Archery is turning GREEN

3Rivers Archery is proud to annouce our launch of Online Catalogs. Customers can now enjoy flipping through our print catalogs right on their computer screens. Browse through our most up-to-date catalog, and past catalogs, without the weeks of waiting on the mail to deliver it and a small effort at going Green. Enjoy our easy shopping with our Online Catalogs and keep an eye out for more ways that 3Rivers is Going GREEN.

Noggle Stones partners with 3Rivers Archery

3Rivers Archery Develops New Youth Archery Line Based on Fantasy Novel!

3Rivers Archery has signed with author Wil Radcliffe to develop a line of youth archery equipment based upon his young adult fantasy novel, Noggle Stones. The products will be introduced in August, featuring The Bow of the Nagonene, Noggle Arrows, and the Ratcatcher Quiver and Armguard. The line will later expand to include paper archery targets featuring characters from the novel. 3Rivers will also be selling the Noggle Stones novel, which has been called "Great Fun!" by Barry Cunningham, the editor who discovered Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. Visit the Noggle Stones page at for all the latest Noggle news!

Noggle Stones MagaNoggle Stones Riley Ratcatcher
Maga the Dragon Bride and Riley Ratcatcher... two of the characters from Noggle Stones

Isabella Noelle Karch is Born

Karch Family Welcomes New Addition!

3Rivers Archery's Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, Johnathan Karch, and his wife Jennifer, welcomed their first child, Isabella Noelle Karch, on January 3, 2008. Isabella weighed 6 1/2 pounds and measured 20 inches. Proud grandparents Dale and Sandie are already sizing her up for her first youth bow. If Bella takes after the rest of the family, she should be hitting bullseyes in no time!

The Karch's & Friends Return to Africa

06.29.07 - 07.17.07
3Rivers owners, Dale and Sandie Karch returned to South Africa with some of their close friends to hunt the exotic wild game and enjoy time in the presence of friends.

Zebra Running across a dirt road

Traveling to the Dark Continent with the Karch's was Ted and Janet Judson, Nick and Brenda Mathews, and Brian Burkhart. Most had been to Melorani, South Africa before, but it was Brian's first trip.

Dale Karch and his GemsbuckSandie Karch and her Nyala

For the trip Dale had his mind set on harvesting a Gemsbuck. He also was able to get two Warthogs and a big Waterbuck. Sandie, with her deadly one-arrow-one-kill skill, dropped a beautiful Nyala at 15 yards.

Nick Mathews with Zebra

For Nick's 3rd trip he killed a gorgeous Zebra and a good sized Hartebeest. His wife, Brenda (known by her friends as "B") didn't hunt, but enjoyed the time with the ladies, Sandie and Janet,at the local sites.

Sandie, Jan, and Brenda in Africa

For Ted Judson's 5th time to South Africa he was after the notorious Cape Buffalo. Almost any archer that has hunted dangerous game has had the desire to bring down one of these mammoth animals with stick and string. Ted was fortunate to get the opportunity, and was extremely happy to be successful with harvesting the animal. Janet didn't partake in the hunting, but enjoyed spending time with friends. Ted also killed a Kudu during the trip.

Ted Judson with Cape Buffalo

The harvest of the Cape was a highlight of the trip for all. Fortunately, Ted killed it in the evening, just as the other hunters were being picked up from their blinds. They were all brought immediately to the site of the kill, and were able to join in the excitement.

Brian Burkhart with Impala

For being Brian's first trip he didn't waste time in harvesting his fair share. A Gemsbuck, Kudu, Impala, Warthog and more fell prey to Brian. This is one trip that Brian will never forget.

Sandie Karch celebrating her birthday in Africa

During the group's time at Melorani, Sandie celebrated her 29th birthday (so she says) with a party. For the event, the Dorrington family (Land Owners) joined the guests for an unusual celebration, in which, the local church choir did a few songs and dances.

African Church Choir Celebration

The trip was a huge success and everyone had a great time with friends and on the hunt. The group looks forward to more adventures together in the future, and will never forget the times they have shared in the past.

Sunset in Africa

"All sunsets are beautiful, but none as beautiful as in Africa," - Sandie Karch

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