Latigo Side Stalking QuiverItem Number: 611501X
$159.99 $159.99 - $189.99
Made in the US
Latigo Side Stalking Quiver

Latigo Side Stalking Quiver

Item Number: 611501X
$159.99 $159.99 - $189.99
Made in the US

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Your new go-to quiver for all occasions!

Taking the best of what a back quiver and a side quiver have to offer and combining them to come up with the Latigo Side Stalking Quiver. Anyone from a roving stump shooter to a serious hunter will find the Latigo Side Stalking Quiver the epitome of "function meets beauty. " A side quiver rides close to you, making it easy to get arrows in and out quickly. It's also easier to bend over and maneuver compared to using a back quiver or hip quiver.

This style quiver is excellent for folks that find it hard to reach up and behind their back to remove an arrow, like a back quiver requires. This side stalking quiver is also stealthy the way arrows can be removed through the front of the quiver. By holding the quiver close to ones self under their elbow while still hunting or stalking through the woods the arrows remain quiet.

Hand made in the USA, this ~10 oz. latigo leather side quiver is thick, strong and supple. The shoulder strap is lined with top grain cowhide using the suede side out for extra strength and comfort.

The color is added to the latigo during the tanning process and will range from a reddish brown to a dark brown. Each quiver is hand dyed and the edges are burnished for a beautiful finished look and feel.

Each quiver features a hand cut whitetail deer shed antler button. The open cell foam at the base of the quiver means that it can be used with field tips and broadheads - making it great for 3D shooters and bowhunters alike. The side of each quiver is hand stitched with artificial sinew.

This latigo stalking quiver is made with a removable wooden bottom, so the open cell foam can be easily replaced. To replace foam turn quiver upside down and tap bottom with a wooden handle until the bottom comes out of the arrow opening. Trim replacement foam to be slightly larger than the wooden bottom, replace wood and then insert new foam.

These universal fit latigo quiver coms pre-laced up for a right handed shooter. For a left hand shooter, simply unlace the antler button from the quiver and reverse it.

In wet climates the manufacturer suggest using a fletching cover.

Weighs approximately 1 lbs. 6 oz. Available with or without extra gear pouch, please specify. Good for right and left handed shooter. Easily holds a dozen arrows with field points or six arrows with broadheads.

To keep your quiver looking its best, we recommend conditioning it with Montana Pitch Blend.

Note: Latigo leather can bleed color when wet.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm