Zwickey Scorpios Broadhead Stoppers Item Number: 4205X
Made in the US
Zwickey Scorpios Broadhead Stoppers

Zwickey Scorpios Broadhead Stoppers

Item Number: 4205X
$5.15 $5.50
Made in the US

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Looking for an easy way to increase your effectiveness on small game and turkey?

Try the Scorpio from Zwickey Archery. They fit tightly on aluminum and carbon arrows (no wood arrows) just behind the point. Upon impact, the Scorpio's wire arms grab whatever the arrow strikes and gets forced down the shaft limiting the penetration. Use them behind your field points or blunts for small game like rabbits and grouse. Install a Scorpio behind your broadhead and your arrow stays in your game. Increase your odds of success when bowhunting turkey.
  • Perfect for small game and turkey hunting
  • Keeps arrows from passing through
  • 20 grains each
  • Not for use on wood arrows
Sold by the 2-pack. Available in 19/64", 20/64"-21/64", 22/64", and 23/64"-24/64". Please specify.