Kodiak Single Bevel 2-Blade Glue-On Broadheads Item Number: 4212X
Made in the US
Kodiak Single Bevel 2-Blade Glue-On Broadheads

Kodiak Single Bevel 2-Blade Glue-On Broadheads

Item Number: 4212X
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Made in the US

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Formerly known as Grizzly El Grande Broadheads. Kodiak broadheads are designed for deep penetration on the biggest of game. The combination of the long & lean design, Tanto tip, and the 25° single bevel, gives the Kodiak broadhead the edge in busting heavy bone and devastating on big game. The larger size (compared to the Grizzly broadhead) moves it up to the big leagues for the most challenging of big and dangerous game.

The Single bevel on each side of the Kodiak broadhead causes the broadhead to twist as it passes through tissue and on impact with bone. This twisting action forms a devastating "S" shaped wound channel. The S-cut, compared to the single slit of the common double bevel broadhead, allows for bigger and shorter blood trails.

Kodiak broadheads are made of two layers of 1075 Steel that are spot welded and Copper brazed. They are then heat treated to 52 on Rockwell scale for incredible strength and razor sharp edge retention. Kodiak broadheads are precision ground with a 25° single bevel for unbelievable sharpness. Scalpels today use a single bevel due the the level of sharpness they offer. The Kodiak broadhead is offered in both Left and Right bevel for matching the bevel with your feathers for maximum penetration.

The cut-on-contact design offers reliability, and the Tanto tip is for durability and increasing structural integrity on hard hits. The straight blades offer a slightly better penetration advantage over convex blades. The Kodiak broadhead measures 3-1/8" long x 1-3/16" cutting width. Color varies by grain weight.

Sold by the 6-pack. Available in Right Wing or Left Wing bevel in 200 or 235 grains. Please specify.