Yumi Japanese Traditional Bow Item Number: 6360X
Yumi Japanese Traditional Bow

Yumi Japanese Traditional Bow

Item Number: 6360X
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This is the same style of bow utilized by the famed Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan. While Samurai are usually recognized for their swordsmanship, proficiency with the Yumi (Japanese Bow) was actually considered a more valuable skill through much of Japan's history. Modern use of the Yumi Bow is known as Kyudo, or "Way of the Bow." Kyudo places as much emphasis on spiritual and moral development as it does accuracy and skill. It is a very serious discipline, drawing from the ancient Samurai traditions.

Like the legendary Yumi Bows of old, this bow is hand made from sturdy bamboo (grown in the USA). Very good quality at an affordable price. Made in the USA.

Available in the 89" Nisun model, in draw weights of 22#, 30#, and 35# @ 31" draw. Please specify.