Wild Turkey Feather Arrow Rest Item Number: 3562X
Made in the US
Wild Turkey Feather Arrow Rest

Wild Turkey Feather Arrow Rest

Item Number: 3562X
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Made in the US

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The Feather Rest is a time-tested tool for improving arrow flight and accuracy. For many decades, bowhunters and archers would take leftover fletchings to make feather arrow rests. This wasn't simply an economical solution. Feather Rests are effective tools for improving your accuracy. With natural give, they allow for bows to tune more easily, and provide cleaner arrow flight.

These reproductions of the original feather rests are made of wild turkey feathers installed on leather. They are adhesive backed for easy installing. Great for bow collectors or hobbyists as well as bowhunters and shooters. Add a touch of nostalgia as well as practicality to your bow set-up. Available for Right and Left handed. Please specify.

  • Time-tested tool
  • Attractive as well as practical
  • Improve arrow flight and accuracy
  • Tune your bow more easily
  • Made from wild turkey feathers
  • Leather backing