Trail Blazer Back Quiver Item Number: 609901
Made in the US
Trail Blazer Back Quiver

Trail Blazer Back Quiver

Item Number: 609901
$169.99 $169.99
Made in the US

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The Trail Blazer Back Quiver offers comfort, great style, and flexibility. Perfect for long treks in the woods, hours on the range, or some relaxing backyard target shooting.

Made of top grain leather the Trail Blazer Back Quiver is great looking, very functional, and features high caliber craftsmanship. Fully adjustable for any size archer.

Use the backpack style straps for a comfortable, yet secure fit on your back. Great for long hikes or tournaments.

The top is lined with sheep shearling to keep arrows quiet. Accented with Elk antler button and brass buckles.

Easily holds 12 arrows. Measures 25" deep, 6.5" x 3" opening. Weighs Approximately 1.75 lbs. Fits right and left handed shooters.