Tomahawk Bows® Custom Flemish Twist Bow String Item Number: 3295X
$21.99 - $23.99
Made in the US
Tomahawk Bows® Custom Flemish Twist Bow String

Tomahawk Bows® Custom Flemish Twist Bow String

Item Number: 3295X
$20.99 $21.99 - $23.99
Made in the US

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These special Flemish twist bow strings are designed specifically for use on our custom Tomahawk Bows®. Each one is hand twisted from 18 strands of FastFlight Plus™ string material and tightly served with Brownell's .026" Crown serving material to our specifications. You also have the option of ordering a double served string, which offers a perfect fit for wood arrows (11/32" and 5/16" Classic Nocks).

Tomahawk Bows® Custom bow strings are available in two color configurations. A black and red combo and a black, tan and green combo.

Please order these by the length of your Tomahawk Bow®. The length of your Tomahawk Bow®; can be found on the belly of the bottom limb up near the grip. If you have a 58" Tomahawk Bow®, order a 58" string.

Available in lengths for Tomahawk® 58", 62", 64", and 66" longbows. Please specify.

Flemish strings are made of several strands of string material twisted upon themselves. It is possible for the area by the string loops to appear to be fraying. This is common and is not damaging to the string. To remove the fraying rub your hand on the strands to lay them down. The wax in the string will hold the strands down, but may appear after some use. You can trim the fraying strands, but this is not recommended. If the wax is not holding the stands down, you can apply some String Makers Wax to the area.