RPM Breakout Power Rod Item Number: 1611
Made in the US
RPM Breakout Power Rod

RPM Breakout Power Rod

Item Number: 1611
$16.99 $16.99
Made in the US

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Even the toughest bowfishing reels need a break. The RPM Breakout Power Rod helps extend the life of your reel... good news for you, bad news for the fish!

By extending out at the point where the line leaves your reel, the Breakout Power Rod moves the point of most stress from the gears and bearings. That means your bowfishing reel will last longer, through many bowfishing adventures!

Made of heavy duty Stainless Steel to handle incredible stress, the Breakout Power Rod threads into the RPM Vise Reel Seat (sold separately), and most other reel seats that have a front stabilizer insert. The 7 mm ceramic line guide funnels even heavier cords smoothly, while reducing line wear. Measures approximately 4" long when mounted.

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