RPM Bowfishing Arrow Locker Item Number: 1612
Made in the US
RPM Bowfishing Arrow Locker

RPM Bowfishing Arrow Locker

Item Number: 1612
$11.99 $11.99
Made in the US

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It's a question as old as bowfishing: "How do I keep my backup arrow handy, but out of the way?"

The Arrow Locker from RPM Bowfishing is the answer! The locker keeps your loose arrow in place, attached to your riser. Your backup bowfishing arrow will be held securely, safely, and out of the way. But it will also be right at hand when you need it.

The Arrow Locker attaches right to your riser using the ATA Accessory (AMO Sight) bushings. The Arrow Locker's stainless steel hardware and rugged nylon construction insure years of dependable use. Firmly holds a single arrow/shaft of 5/16" diameter.