Robin Hood Bracer with Embroidery Item Number: 8541X
$84.99 - $87.99
Made in the US
Robin Hood Bracer with Embroidery

Robin Hood Bracer with Embroidery

Item Number: 8541X
$81.99 $84.99 - $87.99
Made in the US

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Even Robin Hood himself would do a double take at the quality of this medieval style archers bracer. Made from soft, comfortable leather with speed laces for a secure fit and all-day comfort. Features high quality decorative embroidery for adding a huge touch of style to your medieval archer persona. Be the talk of the village at your next Renaissance faire and/or SCA Archery tournament.

Has a built-in bow glove for the perfect protection while shooting off the knuckle bows such as primitive bows and medieval English Longbows.

Available in Left Arm ONLY. This means, only for right handed archers (hold the bow with their left hand, pull the string with their right).

Color choices are Brown (with gold embroidery) or Black (with silver embroidery). Sizing is measured from thumb-hole to back of the bracer. Sizes are Men's (9½" long) or Men's Long (11" long). Please specify color and size.