Rinehart Woodland Series 3D Targets Item Number: 6919X
Made in the US Overweight product, additional charges may apply
Rinehart Woodland Series 3D Targets

Rinehart Woodland Series 3D Targets

Item Number: 6919X
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Made in the US Overweight product, additional charges may apply

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The Woodland Targets from Rinehart offer a realistic option for bowhunting target practice. Featuring solid Rinehart construction and accurate anatomy, these targets will soon be your top choice in getting ready for hunting season. 3Rivers offers two models - The Woodland Buck or the Woodland Turkey.

Woodland Buck
With its head alert-forward, body frozen in semi-sneak position and eight-point antlers standing tall and strong, the new Rinehart Woodland Buck is just the ticket for true-to-life practice before heading into the field. Long-lasting durability is ensured with Rinehart's newest innovative and strong Solid FX Foam™ technology completely molded from nose to tail with no fillers. And while Rinehart's newest Solid FX Foam ensures archers receive the best value for the price point, the core of the target is constructed of Rinehart's renowned solid 'self-healing' foam - ensuring it will outlast even your longest, hardest practice session. Plus, like many of Rinehart's award winning targets, it features the company's patented replaceable locking insert - once again saving archers time and money, without sacrificing quality of practice. The Woodland Buck measures 30" high by 29" long to simulate a 100 pound deer.

Woodland Turkey
This backyard turkey matches the shape, body position, color and feather pattern of a real turkey. In fact, the resemblance is so similar that the new target can also double as a decoy when bowhunters are out in the field. Practicing with this lightweight target is not only fun, it's challenging. This unique new target can help bowhunters exercise their focus and accuracy - helping them gain the confidence to hit the mark when a real Tom comes within range. The Woodland Turkey is 19" tall by 21" long to simulate a 14 pound bird.

Each target sold separately.