NASP Genesis™ V2 Youth Arrows Item Number: 4290-1X
$24.99 - $49.99
NASP Genesis™ V2 Youth Arrows

NASP Genesis™ V2 Youth Arrows

Item Number: 4290-1X
$25.99 - $49.99
$24.99 - $49.99

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Getting kids involved in archery is vital to the future of our noble and time-honored sport. That's why 3Rivers Archery is proud to support Archery in the Schools with NASP approved products, such as Genesis™ V2 Youth Arrows.

The only arrow approved by NASP for tournament use. Genesis arrows are manufactured by Easton Archery using XX75 aluminum shafts in 1820 model. Durable yet perfectly balanced and weighted for young target shooters, these youth arrows are top-of-the-line.

Genesis Arrows come with UNI bushings, N-nocks, and points installed. Fletched with 3" vanes. Vane and nock colors vary. 30" long. Available in green, purple, blue, or orange (dozens only). Please specify.

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