Hawkwood Bowglove Item Number: 4002X
Made in the US
Hawkwood Bowglove

Hawkwood Bowglove

Item Number: 4002X
$14.99 $15.50
Made in the US

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Enjoy shooting off-the-knuckle bows, such as primitive bows and medieval bows? Worry no more about digging a fletching quill from your hand with a bowglove.

A soft and comfortable leather that provides the right amount of protection, and the least amount of baggage. Velcro® strap for a secure fit, and lightweight so you barely know you are wearing it.

When you choose to go roving, target shooting, or some serious hunting, make sure to have the protection of a bowglove. Color may vary.

Order for the hand you will wear it on; right hand shooters order Left Hand (LH); left hand shooters order Right Hand (RH). Sizes XLarge, Large, and Medium.

See Archery Glove/Tab Sizing Chart