Fred Eichler Cap Wrap Arrow Enhancers Item Number: 7980-1
Made in the US
Fred Eichler Cap Wrap Arrow Enhancers

Fred Eichler Cap Wrap Arrow Enhancers

Item Number: 7980-1
$12.99 $12.99
Made in the US

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Fred is known for shooting arrows fletched with pink fletchings because they stand out in the woods and he can clearly see where he hits on game. Fred's cap wrap is the extra touch that helps his arrows stand out and have a classy look to them. The cap wraps are pink on the nock end and fade to a white (where Fred's signature and silhouette are).

Fred Eichler cap wraps are 7" long and made to fit carbon, aluminum, or wood shafting of a 5/16" diameter or less. Works best with four inch feathers.

Instant cap dips! No paint, no fumes, and no waiting! Just peel off the protective backing and wrap around shaft. Aluminum, carbon, or wood, it works on all of them. Cap wraps not only make your arrows look good, they make it easier to fletch and allow for easy re-fletching. Use any fletching cement with confidence (EXCEPT Duco or Nitrocellulose). Packaged 12 wraps per package. Cap Wraps are 7" long and wide enough to fit on a 23/64" shaft.

  • Installation Tip: Roll on a soft mouse pad to install.
  • CAUTION: Do not use alcohol stain under these wraps. The adhesive can pull color through the wrap.
  • Removal Tip: Boil water and hold your cap wrapped part of the arrow in the steam. This loosens the adhesive hold and makes it easier to peel off.