Fred Eichler Buffalo Armguard Item Number: 6082-1
Made in the US
Fred Eichler Buffalo Armguard

Fred Eichler Buffalo Armguard

Item Number: 6082-1
$40.99 $40.99
Made in the US

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If you've ever watched Fred Eichler's hunting shows, you know he never stays still. That goes for his signature line of archery gear as well. Fred is always on the look out for new gear, like this quality Buffalo Leather Armguard.

The American Bison, or Buffalo, has long been a symbol of power and majesty. The Native Americans used Buffalo hide for everything from their moccasins to their tipis. It's a quality leather that compares to cow hide in strength and elasticity, but features a unique and appealing grain.

The Eichler Buffalo Armguard is a great companion for Fred's Signature Series BUFFALO™ Takedown Hoyt Recurve. It has all of the features you'd expect from high-quality buffalo leather, with some added touches for comfort and appearance. The laminated stitched edge construction gives you a sturdy, yet flexible armguard. The elastic stretch cord and hook attachment system means easy wear and removal.

8½" long, with a buffalo skull and Fred Eichler's signature stamped into the leather.