Fred Bear's Field Notes Item Number: 7826
Made in the US
Fred Bear's Field Notes

Fred Bear's Field Notes

Item Number: 7826
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Made in the US

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Fred Bear is a legendary figure in archery and bowhunting history and these are the hunts of Fred Bear, written in his own words. This is your chance to share a campfire with Fred Bear, to hunt elephant in Africa, moose in Alaska, tiger in India, and much more.

Relive the bowhunting journeys of one of the most beloved bowhunters of all time, Fred Bear. Reading the daily diary entries give you a true feel for the measure of a man. Get up close and personal with Fred Bear, get your copy today.

288 pages, 100 photos. A paperback classic.

  • Written by Fred Bear
  • Elephant, moose, tiger and more
  • Daily diary entries
  • 288 pages, 100 photos, and paperback