Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow Shaft Item Number: 3036
Made in the US
Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow Shaft

Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow Shaft

Item Number: 3036
$5.55 $5.55
Made in the US

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Many bowfishing archers assemble their own fish arrows for the cost savings and the fact that they can use the bowfishing points they prefer. These bowfishing arrow shafts are solid fiberglass with the nock end tapered to fit a standard 5/16" glue-on nock and are drilled below the nock for string or cable attachment.

Shaft only - point and nock sold separately. These solid fiberglass arrow shafts are 5/16" in diameter and 32" long. They're heavy, strong, and economical. With proper use they should last many bowfishing seasons.

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