DAS ILF Limb Pads (Pair) Item Number: 8149
Made in the US
DAS ILF Limb Pads (Pair)

DAS ILF Limb Pads (Pair)

Item Number: 8149
$84.99 $84.99
Made in the US

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These ILF Limbs Pads allow you to convert your DAS™ riser to be ILF (International Limb Fitting) compatible. The perfect way to pair your DAS™ riser with any ILF limbs on the market for a completely custom built bow. These limb pads offer full adjustment for precision alignment of limbs on the riser.

DAS™ Dalaa® 17" and 21" risers only. Not for use with the DX5 15" riser.

The ILF Limb Pads feature Brass dove tails with 6061 aluminum plates. Sold by the pair.