DAS Bows™ Dual Poly Dalaa Grips Item Number: 8140X
Made in the US
DAS Bows™ Dual Poly Dalaa Grips

DAS Bows™ Dual Poly Dalaa Grips

Item Number: 8140X
$40.95 $40.95
Made in the US

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Dual Poly grips by Jager provide unmatched feel, grip and durability. The smooth seam free casting method used for these grips is precise. Every grip is molded by hand, one at a time. The smooth body of the grip allows the hand to slip effortlessly into position.

Once the hand is in and settled against the low durometer back pad, it is gripped and held. Even with sweaty or rain soaked hands, the grip is secure. This material also offers exceptionally low thermal transmission for a feel warmer than wood. These grips are virtually indestructible for use in any environment.

New for 2014, introducing the Dalaa® Grip 2.0! The left edge of the heel has been filed off, giving your hand a more consistant position on the grip. You'll feel the difference, as if you are "behind the bow" instead of at the side.

Dalaa® 2.0 Grips available in Standard and Low in Right and Left Hand. Dalaa® Original Grips available in Extra Low, Low, Standard, and High.