DAS Bows™ Dalaa Riser Bracket Item Number: 8177X
$9.99 - $25.99
Made in the US
DAS Bows™ Dalaa Riser Bracket

DAS Bows™ Dalaa Riser Bracket

Item Number: 8177X
$19.99 $9.99 - $25.99
Made in the US

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These brackets are a great way to outfit SRF bow sights and/or accessories on your DAS™ Dalaa® riser. CNC cut from ¼" 6061-T651 and hard anodized for use under the most extreme conditions. Fits right or left risers, hardware included.

  • The "A" bracket is designed to accept any AMO sight or accessory designed for these holes such as the Kwikee Kwiver, and the Soft-Loc quiver. You can even mount AMO (standard pin) sights and quivers at the same time with this bracket. This is for Dalaa® risers made before 2010.

  • The "E" bracket is the "everything" bracket. This is the most compact bracket DAS™ offers that can be used for both quivers and SRF sight apertures. Accepts any accessory the "A" does, but includes the front slot for the SRF sight system.

  • The Universal SRF Bracket is designed to accept the SRF sight system. Mounts to the risers ATA Accessory (AMO sight) holes.

  • For those who do not have bushings in their bow and don't want to install them the adhesive backed Universal SRF Mounting Tab is the answer. Made from strong, lightweight aluminum it is designed to allow mounting so the sight ramp faces either the belly or the back of the bow.