Brass Glue-In/Glue-On Broadhead Adapters Item Number: 4930X
Made in the US
Brass Glue-In/Glue-On Broadhead Adapters

Brass Glue-In/Glue-On Broadhead Adapters

Item Number: 4930X
$8.99 - $9.75 $4.99
Made in the US

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These glue-in/glue-on brass broadhead adapters are solid brass ferrule for strength and increasing your arrows' FOC (front of center) weight. Increased FOC produces tighter groups down range and deeper penetration on big game. They're an easy way to bump your arrow weight and use your favorite 11/32" glue-on broadheads, field points or small game points. Both sizes are a 11/32" ferrule.

The 5/16" size fits all of today's most common 5/16" carbon arrows like Traditional Only®, Gold Tip Traditional, Beman ICS Bowhunter, and Carbon Express Heritage. The 9/32" size is for carbon arrows like Beman MFX Classic, Easton Axis, and Easton Full Metal Jacket.

Note: Adding weight to the point end (point or insert) will weaken the spine of your arrow.

Choose 5/16" or 9/32" size in 75 grain, 100 grain, or 125 grain. Please specify. Sold by the 6-pack.