Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD Item Number: 3096
Made in the US
Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD

Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD

Item Number: 3096
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Made in the US

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This introduction to modern flint knapping. Includes information on stone types/sources, stone heating with electricity and campfire, spalling, antler/metal billet percussion, and pressure techniques.

The folks at Native Way set out to give you a strategy for reducing stone into thin preforms, applying edge retouch, notches or barbs. Spalling and fracture mechanics are explained, and metal and more traditional flintknapping tools are demonstrated for every step.

This DVD is crammed full of information along with technical and practical tips about how to make stone tools and arrow points. Probably too many to be absorbed with just one viewing. Approximately 72 minutes long. Narrated by W.J. Collins.