B-50 Flemish Twist Bow String Item Number: 1515X
Made in the US
B-50 Flemish Twist Bow String

B-50 Flemish Twist Bow String

Item Number: 1515X
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Made in the US

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The Flemish twist design is easier to adjust in length as it can be twisted tighter when the string stretches, and is easier to attach string silencers, such as fur silencers. B-50 string material is easier on the limb tips with more stretch. Three-bundle style with 15 strands to be rounder, stronger, and abrasion resistant. Center served with black nylon serving. Strand colors are brown and yellow.

Note: Order by string length not bow length. For bow weights up to 70#. Strings are available in 1" increments only.

Choose Recurve in 44", 46", 48" - 63", or 65" or Longbow in 55" - 68" lengths.

Measure the bow string you have and round up to the nearest full inch. These strings will stretch a bit as they are broken in. If you don't know the length of your bow string a good rule of thumb is that longbow will take a string 3" shorter than they are marked and a recurve takes a 4" shorter bow string. So, if your bow is a recurve and is marked AMO 60", a 56" bow string should fit.

Flemish strings are made of several strands of string material twisted upon themselves. It is possible for the area by the string loops to appear to be fraying. This is common and is not damaging to the string. To remove the fraying rub your hand on the strands to lay them down. The wax in the string will hold the strands down, but may appear after some use. You can trim the fraying strands, but this is not recommended. If the wax is not holding the stands down, you can apply some String Makers Wax to the area.