Atlatl Fever DVD Item Number: 6974
Made in the US
Atlatl Fever DVD

Atlatl Fever DVD

Item Number: 6974
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Made in the US

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The Atlatl or Spear-Thrower was first used by human beings over 30,000 years ago, predating the bow and arrow by several thousand years. This primitive projectile weapon transformed early humans from scavengers to predators.

On this amazing DVD Bob Berg from Thunderbird Atlatl shows you how to gather materials and make your very own Atlatl using primitive Stone Age tools. Bob also shows you how to cast the Atlatl, teaching beginner and advanced techniques to increase accuracy and hunting success.

This is your chance to learn and be inspired by an Atlatl expert who has been designing, building, and using this amazing primitive tool for over 20 years!

Catch Atlatl Fever! Approximately 120 minutes.