Ash Wood Arrow Shafting Item Number: 8051X
Made in the US
Ash Wood Arrow Shafting

Ash Wood Arrow Shafting

Item Number: 8051X
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Made in the US

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The use of Ash arrow shafting goes far back into the annals of archery history. Roger Ascham's Toxophilus 1545 lists Ash as the preferred wood for making war arrows. Known for its straight prominent grain lines and durability, Ash makes excellent arrow shafts.

With moderate to heavy mass weight the white wood stains easily. Ash can be straightened readily with heat, which should be done so your shafts remain straight long into the future.

Shafts are sold by the dozen, spined within 5 lb groups, and weight matched ±10 grains of physical weight. Comes in a diameter of 11/32". Ash is not an indestructible arrow shaft, but after you hit a few rocks and trees without destroying them, you will begin to think that they are!