Ash War Bow Arrow Shaft Item Number: 6970X
$5.50 - $10.99
Made in the US
Ash War Bow Arrow Shaft

Ash War Bow Arrow Shaft

Item Number: 6970X
$4.25 $5.50 - $10.99
Made in the US

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This 40" long x ½" diameter Ash War Bow shaft is perfect for medieval enthusiasts. Use this sturdy ash shaft to make arrows for your heavy Medieval English War Bows.

These shafts have a long 5° point taper on them to accept a 23/64" diameter field point. NOTE: the shaft is a larger diameter than the diameter of the point, but the taper size does match. As these shafts are raw ash, they must be heat straightened and sealed as per other ash shafting.

Available by the each at 40" long ½" diameter Ash shafts, or as a kit with 3 feathers, sinew, instructions and a 300 grain Atlatl Dart Point.. Please specify.