AMO Riser Inserts Item Number: 5340
Made in the US
AMO Riser Inserts

AMO Riser Inserts

Item Number: 5340
$6.65 $6.65
Made in the US

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Add some versatility to your bow with AMO sight (ATA Accessory) riser inserts from Martin Archery. Perfect for attaching all riser mounted bow accessories, such as bow quivers, bowfishing reels, bow sights, and more. Includes two inserts with 10-24 cap screws. Requires drilling of riser. Instructions included.

3Rivers Sight Mount
Simple to install using ¼" or letter 'N' drill bit. Drill two 3/8" deep holes spaced 1-5/16" apart. Tap into place gently until flush with surface. The sharp flanges hold insert without the use of glue or expansion. Included 10-24 screws will attach a wide variety of items but longer screws maybe necessary for some applications.
  • Easy to install
  • Instructions included
  • Versatile and useful