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The Barta Bow by Tred Barta, available from 3Rivers Archery!

Tred Barta Shooting the Barta Bow>

Tred Barta (shooting) and Dale Karch, owner of 3Rivers Archery, test the impressive new Barta Bow.

3Rivers Archery is pleased to offer the Barta Bow.

Close-Up of the Barta Bow

Close up of the Tred Barta Bow

The Evolution of the Barta Bow, By Tred Barta

Facts talk with a loud, clear voice. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the custom Bowyers of America; what incredible quality, workmanship and sheer beauty today's traditional archers have available. Today these custom bows are true works of art and they shoot great also. What a joy it is to own them. The problem is, however, in my world beauty is measured differently. Beauty is only a degree of function.

In conducting some twenty big game hunts for my TV show, The Best and Worst of Tred Barta a lot of the worst happens. Alaska, British Columbia, Africa, and Australia - I have found extreme wilderness does not care about zebra wood, Bubinga, bacote and black maple exotic woods, nor does it care about fancy antlered tips. True wilderness measures the man and his equipment only on function. Will it hold up, will it perform and how tough is it? That's the way it is for both the hunter and the longbow.

Many of you are blessed with God given skills to be great shots. I'm not. I've practiced five days a week for the last 30 years. My God, I should be a Howard Hill, but truth be told, I'm an average shooter. In wilderness hunting, nothing goes as planned. Absolutely nothing. You fall in streams, fall off horses, use your longbow as a walking staff forging rivers, and to be quite honest, your bow is abused and used constantly beyond its design limits. Welcome to my world and many of yours.

Although I have been a loyal customer of 3Rivers Archery for nearly two decades, the last year or so has been centered on the concept, design and bringing traditional archers and hunters a bow that puts all its emphasis on performance, simplicity and strength. I also needed a bow that was incredibly easy to shoot and very forgiving on bad releases, "not so perfect form" and now the hardest part... I wanted everyone to be able to afford the bow. It had to be, low priced, Tred tough, and ready to harvest anything from; moose, grizzly bear, cape buffalo and all the way down the gambit to rabbit and squirrels, or be able to win any traditional tournament.

I am proud to announce we did it, but how did we do it? By the way, it's manufactured in the United States of America by one of the oldest, most reliable bow manufacturers in the world: Martin Archery.

Full Length View of the Barta Bow

Full Length view of the Barta Bow

The Barta Bow is constructed of birch and maple laminates with black glass front and back. Maple core wood has always been the work horse of the traditional bow industry and is often underrated for its toughness, resistance to cracking having excellent mass weight and is the most reasonably priced, quality core wood available today.

The Barta Bow carries its depth and beef of core thickness tip to tip for incredible strength compared to most longbows. Its 64" length is perfect for my hunting situations and I am ecstatic about how easy and smooth it draws without stacking and the absence of hand shock during the shot. The Barta Bow comes in bow weights up to 70 lbs. The Barta Bow handle fits very comfortably and is designed to collect your hand quickly and naturally as shots in the field are often sudden and when least expected. Often with gloves on in ridiculous shooting positions.

What the Barta Bow is not: Well, this will probably give 3Rivers a heart attack but, oh well, another day, another adventure. The Barta Bow is sure not delicate; it is not designed to be. It's sure not beautiful in the custom Bowyers sense. As a matter of fact, it is quite plain. The Barta Bow is no screamin' eagle on speed. My bow is about 175 to 180 FPS shooting a 11/32" cedar arrow, 30" long, tipped with a 125 grain Woodsman with full helical 5½" real turkey feathers in an all-purpose shield cut. It is the right speed and cast for any discipline.

Even though the riser, with its black, gray, and tan laminations offers a natural camo effect, I smear camo paint or mud on my bow to match every unique hunting situation; however, its matt finish won't shine and scare game even if you use it as is right out of the box.

All being said and all considered, I am very proud of 3Rivers Archery, Martin Archery, and for that matter, myself for producing a bowhunter's bow. The Barta Bow is as honest as the day is long. It shoots great, it's tougher than nails and has filled the gap in the market between the high priced custom bow market and low priced mediocrity not capable of the rigors of wilderness hunting.

The Barta Bow delivers. In my opinion, it is the lowest priced, no nonsense, wilderness ready longbow ever offered for its quality, period. Two things to think about: My name is on it and my life literally rests on the string when I hunt. Try one. You will be impressed.

Tred and Grizzly Bear

Tred Barta with Grizzly Bear

The Barta Bow and other "Tred-Tough" products are offered exclusively at 3Rivers Archery. If function, performance and toughness in the field are beautiful, the Barta Bow is as pretty as it gets. I love the beauty of custom bows. I own a lot of 'em, but they don't shoot better groups than my Barta Bow. Thank you for your consideration and the best of luck this season.

Tred Barta

Be sure to check us out at We've got thousands of traditional archery items in stock and ready to ship.

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