3Rivers Self Nock Wood Arrows Item Number: 8314X
Made in the US
3Rivers Self Nock Wood Arrows

3Rivers Self Nock Wood Arrows

Item Number: 8314X
$74.99 $74.99
Made in the US

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A great way to embrace tradition, while also embracing quality. These self-nocked wood arrows are perfect for primitive bowhunters shooting self bows, and for adding the final touch to your renaissance faire medieval archer persona. Attractive arrows that will get as many compliments on the range, as they will get harvests in the woods!

The self-nocked wood arrows are handmade from quality 11/32" Port Orford Cedar wood shafting. Cedar is recognized as some of the best material to use for wood arrows because it is easy to hand-straighten and has moderate weight for flat shooting and good penetration. Each arrow shaft is hand-spined to 5 pound groups and weight matched ±10 grains within each pack. Weight varies per pack, but if you order multiple quantities we will do our best to match them to the same weight.

The arrows are coated with a light walnut stain and sealed. Each wood arrow is fletched with three 5" traditional cut natural wild turkey feathers that are artificial sinew wrapped and laced for extra strength and an elegant, primitive look. The cross grain cut self nock is reinforced with artificial sinew wrapping for durability.

Available in the following spines: 30-35, 35-40, 40-45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, and 60-65#. Sold full length at approximately 31½" and need to be cut and tapered, then points installed or broadheads mounted to be ready for shooting. Sold by the 3-pack only.