3Rivers Sharpening Lubricant Item Number: 6133
$8.50 $8.50
Made in the US
3Rivers Sharpening Lubricant

3Rivers Sharpening Lubricant

Item Number: 6133
$8.50 $8.50
Made in the US

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This sharpening lubricant is so amazing, we put our name on it! 3Rivers Archery Sharpening Lubricant does it all. It lubricates and/or protects almost anything. Broadheads, Knives, Boots, Sheaths, Sharpening Stones, Guns, Cars... you name it! We tried it here at 3Rivers Archery and could not believe the results. Buy your 2 ounce bottle today, and you'll see why we were so impressed!
    Lubricates and Cleans
  • Sharpening Stones
  • Ceramic Sticks
  • Diamond Hones

  • Also...
  • Protects Against Rust
  • Makes Sharpening Fast and Easy
  • Protects Metal, Leather, and Other Materials