Woolpower 200 Series Longsleeve Crew Neck Wool ShirtItem Number: 975X
$99.99 $69.99
Woolpower 200 Series Longsleeve Crew Neck Wool Shirt

Woolpower 200 Series Longsleeve Crew Neck Wool Shirt

Item Number: 975X
$99.99 $69.99

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The people of Sweden are no strangers to cold weather. So you can count on them to make wool shirts that protect and insulate against the harshest conditions, and also serve as great wool hunting clothes.

The 200 Series Longsleeve Crew Neck Sweater by Woolpower is the perfect Merino wool base layer due to an efficient blend of 60% Merino Wool and 40% artificial materials. The result is a garment that keeps you warm even as it transfers moisture from your skin. The Longsleeve Crew Neck is also durable and long-lasting, with an efficient design featuring no lengthwise seams, sewn-in cuffs, and a longer back. For earlier season this is a great outer layer as a wool jacket.

The Merino wool/polyamide fabric has a smooth outer surface and terry loops on the inside.

All Woolpower garments feature antimicrobial properties that neutralize odors.

Washing instructions: Can be machine washed at 140°F (60°C) and tumble dried at medium heat. Will not shrink under normal washing conditions.

Available in Black only, in sizes of Medium, Large, and X-Large.