Woolpower 200 Series 3/4 Long JohnsItem Number: 976X
$78.99 $48.99
Woolpower 200 Series 3/4 Long Johns

Woolpower 200 Series 3/4 Long Johns

Item Number: 976X
$78.99 $48.99

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Long Johns have always been a staple of cold weather base layer clothing. Woolpower enhances the effectiveness of this traditional hunting clothing by using a quality blend of 60% Merino Wool and 40% synthetic fabrics.

The circular knit fabric features a smoother outer surface with terry loops on the inside. There are no lengthwise seams, and the gusset in the back ensures additional comfort. The sewn in cuffs offer a smooth, seamless look and feel.

All Woolpower garments feature antimicrobial properties that neutralize odors.

Washing instructions: Can be machine washed at 140°F (60°C) and tumble dried at medium heat. Will not shrink under normal washing conditions.

Available in Black only, in sizes of Medium, Large, and X-Large. Please specify.