Woodsman® Original Series 3-Blade Screw-In BroadheadsItem Number: 4225-1X
$31.99 $31.99 - $54.99
Made in the US
Woodsman® Original Series 3-Blade Screw-In Broadheads

Woodsman® Original Series 3-Blade Screw-In Broadheads

Item Number: 4225-1X
$31.99 $31.99 - $54.99
Made in the US

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Woodsman® 150 grain, 125 grain, and NEW 175 grain screw-in broadheads are perfect for aluminum and carbon arrows. Bowhunters everywhere agree, Woodsman® broadheads are one of the best penetrating, most accurate, 3-blade broadheads available anywhere. All three grain weights have a 1-1/8" cutting diameter with .044" thick blades. The 150 grain model is 2-5/8" length, and the 125 grain, 135 grain, 140 grain, and 175 grain models are 2-3/8". Built on the best 11/32", 5° taper ferrule on the market. The 125 grain, 135 grain, 140 grain, and 150 grain models are installed with a short aluminum broadhead adapter. The 175 grain model is installed with a 75 grain steel broadhead adapter. All models come ready to install on any carbon or aluminum arrow.

The 135 grain models RANGE FROM 135-139 GRAINS. The 140 grain models RANGE FROM 140-145 GRAINS.

When shooting a compound bow, a recurve bow, or a longbow, the Woodsman® broadhead has proven itself in tough bowhunting situations as a deadly and rugged broadhead on all types of big game from water buffalo to whitetail deer.

The Woodsman® 3:1 ratio concept (three times as long as it is wide), straight edge blades, and the Teflon® coating make it one heck of a penetrating broadhead. In other words, you will experience more pass-through shots, shorter blood trails, and more meat in the freezer. The durable 1075 high carbon steel blades are precision heat treated to 44C on the Rockwell hardness scale so they will not only hold an edge, but allow the bowhunter to re-sharpen them with ease. Give the Woodsman® a try. We are sure you will agree with us that they're,"The most deadly broadhead you'll ever shoot."

150 grain sold by the 6-pack. 125 grain and 175 grain sold by the 3-pack.

For more Woodsman information including sharpening tips visit: Woodsman.com
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm