With a Bended BowItem Number: 8802
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With a Bended Bow

With a Bended Bow

Item Number: 8802
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It is an invention that ruled the battlefields of Europe for centuries. During the Hundred Years War, English archers often outnumbered infantry by ten to one.

This book examines period manuscripts, preserved artifacts, and accurate reproductions to present a detailed account of the manufacture, shooting styles, and uses of Medieval and Renaissance archery. Presented in two parts; The Guilds covering bows and arrows and their manufacture for citizens and royalty; and The Archers covering the use of bows in hunting and in warfare.

With a Bended Bow also includes detailed notes and an index, as well as translations of European ballads featuring archery.

This book answers many questions for the Medieval Archery enthusiast, such as: "How were bowstrings attached?" "What kind of targets were used?" "Were laminated bows used?" "Did combat archers shoot accurately or using mass volleys?"

Packed with color and black and white illustrations, including Medieval paintings and line drawings by the author, With a Bended Bow is an invaluable part of any Medieval archery enthusiast's library. 256 pages. Paperback.