Victory VAP SS Gamer Carbon Shaft, 12-pack Item Number: 68301X
$234.99 $234.99
Victory VAP SS Gamer Carbon Shaft, 12-pack

Victory VAP SS Gamer Carbon Shaft, 12-pack

Item Number: 68301X
$234.99 $234.99

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Victory has designed and created the pinnacle of bone-crushing hunting arrow technology! The Victory VAP SS Gamer has a .166" inside diameter with a 90° carbon fiber weave infused with layers of stainless steel. This makes it an unrelenting and unrepentant game-slayer.

With high FOC (front of center) weight and a light and fast design, the VAP SS Gamer has sledge-hammer momentum that plows through anything in its path. This is an arrow shaft that flies straight, true, and on target.

The advanced 3K carbon weave gives you less torque and faster recovery in flight. You'll also enjoy better accuracy and shot to shot consistency.

The ICE nano ceramic coating gives you better penetration and easier arrow removal from targets. The .166" micro diameter means maximum speed and penetration with less wind deflection.

Victory VAP SS Gamer arrow shafts are sold by the dozen, and available in spines of 250, 300, 350, and 400. Please specify.

Victory VAP SS Gamer Specifics
Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Point
250 5/16" 10.8 31" 50gr IP4 Nock -- --
300 5/16" 9.9 31" 50gr IP4 Nock -- --
350 5/16" 8.8 31" 50gr IP4 Nock -- --
400 5/16" 8.6 31" 50gr IP4 Nock -- --
Straightness      ±.003"        Weight    ±0.5gr