Predator™ Velocity Takedown Recurve RiserItem Number: 2008X
$419.99 $419.99
Made in the US
Predator™  Velocity Takedown Recurve Riser

Predator™ Velocity Takedown Recurve Riser

Item Number: 2008X
$419.99 $419.99
Made in the US

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Designed and crafted by master bowyer, Ron Pittsley, Predator Bows have been one of the most sought after custom bows within traditional archery's most elite inner circles. The Velocity Riser offers Predator quality in a machined aluminum riser.

Every riser comes with limb mounting hardware and a bow stringer.

Velocity series riser: A high-tech variant of the heralded Predator takedown recurve bow. The riser is machined from a solid aluminum billet and features independent pivoting limb mounts (pockets). These pivoting limb mounts allow for slight draw weight adjustments and precise tiller tuning while accepting the interchangeable P.L.F. (Predator Limb Fit) system. That means the Velocity riser is interchangeable with any Predator limbs built from 1996 to present. Expect increased performance from the Velocity due to an additional 3/4-inch increase in reflex when compared to the Predator Classic and Hunter DX risers. This increased reflex provides more pre-load to the limbs, resulting in a longer power stroke at a reduced brace height. The Velocity's sleek, flowing lines retain the classical Predator profile while strategic coring (for reduced weight) and a durable black textured finish deliver a striking modern look without abandoning traditional styling. All standard archery accessory mounting holes are machined into the billet riser, including dual plunger holes above the crowned shelf. This dual-purpose design allows the bow to be shot either off-the-shelf or with an elevated arrow rest set-up. Riser is also tapped with ATA Accessory (AMO sight bushings), and 1/4" x 20 quiver bushings. Velocity is further customizable to varying shooter styles thanks to its interchangeable grip, which can be swapped with many popular machined-style riser grips depending on shooter preference. The riser comes with our self-locating, medium wrist, pistol-style grip made specifically for the Velocity for comfort and shootability. Comes with bow stringer, limb mounting hardware, but no arrow rest and plate included.

Velocity Riser Features
Velocity GripVelocity MountVelocity PivotVelocity Shelf

Risers are available in Right or Left Hand. Please specify.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm