Ullfrotte Woolpower® 400 Series Full Zip Jacket Thermal UndergarmentItem Number: 962-986X
$188.99 $199.99
Ullfrotte Woolpower® 400 Series Full Zip Jacket Thermal Undergarment

Ullfrotte Woolpower® 400 Series Full Zip Jacket Thermal Undergarment

Item Number: 962-986X
$188.99 $199.99

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"Non-itch" Merino Wool keeps you warm in cold, wet conditions. Ullfrotte Woolpower® is a combination of 2/3's fine Merino Wool and 1/3 synthetic fibers. The combination retains all the properties of wool, while adding a very high degree of durability. Imported from Sweden, a people who know 'a little' about cold weather. They've been field tested all over the world and dominate the European market.

The 400 Series Full Zip Jacket offers a reinforced high collar and thumb holes in the cuffs that keep your sleeves where they should be when adding layers and adds much needed warmth to your wrists. The jacket is extra long in the back to cover the kidneys, even when you are bent over.

Featuring a unique terry cloth knitting method for giving a higher insulating value and better moisture control than other wools. Woolpower® won't smell, even after long use, but still is machine washable and shrink resistant. Ullfrotte undergarments are made to be worn next to the skin with extreme comfort and all pieces naturally conform to your movements. No lengthwise seams and cuffs are sewn in.

400 Series - 70% Merino wool - 28% Polyamide - 2% Elastane. Ideal mid-layer usually for temperatures around and below freezing with low activity.

Available in green only in sizes of Medium, Large, and X-Large. Please specify.

Ullfrotte Woolpower® Sizing Chart
Size Chest Waist Hips Inseam
Medium 39" - 42" 32" - 35" 42" - 45" 27" - 30"
Large 42" - 45" 35" - 39" 45" - 48" 30" - 33"
X-Large 45" - 48" 39" - 43" 48" - 51" 31" - 34"

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