Triton Pro Bowfishing Kit 40-50#Item Number: 2506-02
$172.99 $124.99
Made in the US
Triton Pro Bowfishing Kit 40-50#

Triton Pro Bowfishing Kit 40-50#

Item Number: 2506-02
$172.99 $124.99
Made in the US

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This big game hunter series recurve bow is made for extreme bowfishing and delivers superior performance on lakes, rivers, and streams!

When it comes to bowfishing, The Tribe Triton Pro bowfishing kit can not be beat. This bow gives you the power needed to punch down deep and hit your mark. Tough and durable, the Triton Pro bowfishing kit stands up to the punishment of the elements and still delivers performance, time and time again. Unlike wood or metal, the Triton Pro will not rust or rot. If you're serious about bowfishing, the Triton Pro will get the job done!

The Triton Pro Bowfishing Kit includes an OMP Raider Arrow with a Typhoon point. This heavy hitting 5/16" fiberglass arrow is a 32" long and features an in-line nock system.

This extreme bowfishing kit also includes the Bohning Mudcat screw-in reel system. The Mudcat includes 50 feet of 80 pound braided nylon line and features a line clip for easy line retention on the spool as well as a rubber shaft retainer, so you're arrow will always be within reach.

The Triton Pro bowfishing kit is idea for all skill levels, from beginners to expert shooters. With just one riser, the bow can be transformed from a recurve into a longbow; perfect for bowfishing, target shooting, and backyard archery fun.

  • Three-piece takedown
  • Off-the-shelf shooting
  • Brass stabilizer and sight inserts
  • Bowfishing reel
  • Fiberglass bowfishing arrow
  • Bowfishing string
  • 40-50#
  • 20"-28" draw length
  • 54" AMO
  • Available in right hand only