Trading Post Tomahawk Diamond Deluxe Longbow 62" Left Hand - 45#Item Number: TP3725-45
$899.99 $879.99
Made in the US
Trading Post Tomahawk Diamond Deluxe Longbow 62" Left Hand - 45#

Trading Post Tomahawk Diamond Deluxe Longbow 62" Left Hand - 45#

Item Number: TP3725-45
$899.99 $879.99
Made in the US

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Tomahawk Diamond Deluxe Longbow 62" Left Hand - 45#. New Bow - Chip in grip area, barely noticable. Bow has been set up for 3-under style and comes with Navajo wool string silencers, sock, stringer, and paperwork. Non-returnable. No warranty. Limited supply. First come, first served. No backorders.

The Tomahawk® Diamond Deluxe longbow is truly a classic and one of a kind bow that will turn heads wherever you take it. Built on the 'tried and true' Tomahawk® longbows form, it benefits not only from the history it evolved from, but the combination of exotic woods moves this longbow into a class of its own.

The one of a kind look with spliced and checkered woods make it a gorgeous bow, but it is also deadly accurate with the bamboo and Stabil-Kore™ limb cores for increased speed while preventing lateral twisting that will improve accuracy. By keeping the limbs moving forward and eliminating the side to side movement, the Stabil-Kore keep the limbs balanced and repetitive to give you a consistent shot time after time.

The Diamond Deluxe is a real pleasure to shoot, with a stylish look and outstanding performance for years to come.

Diamond Series 1-piece only in lengths of 62" and 64".

Riser: Bacote and black phenolic with checkered stripe accents. Capped with Mora and Yew. Radiused shelf is cut 1/16" before center. The grip is designed for a low wrist style hold, with no grip material to show off the beauty. Installed with black calf hair arrow rest.

Limbs: A core of bamboo and Stabil-Kore™ for performance. The belly is beautiful bacote, and the back features bacote spliced with dark Mora and a checkered stripe. Black & natural G-10 bow tips for strength to handle all high performance string material.

String: Hand-twisted 18 strands of Fast Flight Plus™ string material for high performance and tightly served with Brownell's .026" Crown serving material to offer perfect nock fit on most of today's arrow nocks.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm