Trading Post DAS™ Black Foam Core LimbsItem Number: TP8167-60
$479.99 $249.99
Trading Post DAS™ Black Foam Core Limbs

Trading Post DAS™ Black Foam Core Limbs

Item Number: TP8167-60
$479.99 $249.99

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These black foam core DAS™ Recurve Limbs are new, but from old stock. They measure 58" and 60# on a 15" riser, 60" and 60# on a 17" riser, and 64" and 57# on a 21" riser. Non-returnable. No warranty. Limited supply. First come, first served. No backorders.

DAS™ Bow LIMBS are a crucial part to DAS Bows™. Best part is, if you every want to try something different, get replacement DAS™ limbs and they will all fit your DAS™ riser.

Foam Core: Foam Core Limbs offer smooth drawing, fast speeds, stability, and solid performance. Weather conditions have zero effect on limb performance. Stabil-Kore™ is a light weight core material which gives bow limbs lateral and torsion rigidity. Stabil-Kore™ is a proprietary composite that can be used as an alternative to carbon to increase efficiency and add multi-directional attributes, reinforce limbs, increasing cast, and eliminating nearly all lateral twisting for better in-line recovery and more energy down range.

Sold by the pair. Comes with separate felt limb sleeves.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm