TopHat® TakeOut Arrow Removal ToolItem Number: 0926-1
$124.99 $124.99
TopHat® TakeOut Arrow Removal Tool

TopHat® TakeOut Arrow Removal Tool

Item Number: 0926-1
$124.99 $124.99

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Remove your arrows easily without damage! The TopHat® TakeOut is a patented arrow-puller and installation tool, useful for target shooting, 3D shooting, and stump shooting.

The TopHat® TakeOut allows you to remove arrows from almost any material without damage, even tough targets of wood or plastic.

The TopHat® TakeOut grips the entire 360° circumference of the shaft, allowing for even pressure that won't damage or break the shaft. It's gentle and safe enough to actually save wood fibers, leaving trees relatively unharmed. The TakeOut fits all shafts, and can even be used as an installation tool to hold the shaft while installing points or nocks.

It is recommended that you regularly clean the slip resistant rubber grips using light solvents and cloth.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm