Tomahawk Bows® Legacy Series LimbsItem Number: 3375X
$499.99 $499.99 - $599.99
Made in the US
Tomahawk Bows® Legacy Series Limbs

Tomahawk Bows® Legacy Series Limbs

Item Number: 3375X
$499.99 $499.99 - $599.99
Made in the US

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A reflection on the humble beginning of Tomahawk Bows. These limbs are Smooth, Elegant and Dependable

Limbs use a single alignment pin and bolt attachment method that allows universal fitting on any Legacy Series Tomahawk longbow riser. We offer the models The Boss, The SS, and Woodland Hunter in limb lengths of 62", 64" or 66" (only Tomahawk® in this length without being a special order) in weights of 40-70# (rated at a 28" draw length).

New! SS Limbs
This is the same style limb as on our most popular model of Tomahawk Bow®. Solid performance with stunning beauty! Features the highly desirable Bamboo backing and Yew belly surrounding a Hard Rock Maple core.

Woodland Hunter Limbs
A true hunter in its own right. Blends into its surroundings to be a natural predator ready for the shot of a lifetime. Made with flat-grain Woodland Camo Super Action Wood over Hard Rock Maple core.

Black Foam Core Limbs: Foam Core Limbs offer smooth drawing, fast speeds, stability, and solid performance. Weather conditions have zero effect on limb performance. Stabil-Kore™ is a light weight core material which gives bow limbs lateral and torsion rigidity. Stabil-Kore™ is a proprietary composite that can be used as an alternative to carbon to increase efficiency and add multi-directional attributes, reinforce limbs, increasing cast, and eliminating nearly all lateral twisting for better in-line recovery and more energy down range.

Special orders are accepted. Please call our tech line at 866-587-9501 to order.