Tim's Nock ToolItem Number: 5160-01
$79.99 $79.99
Made in the US
Tim's Nock Tool

Tim's Nock Tool

Item Number: 5160-01
$79.99 $79.99
Made in the US

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Tim's Taper Tool for Nocks & Tips is designed to be used on most table saws (with the standard 10" sanding wheel attachment NOT INCLUDED), or combination belt and disk sanders (adapter plate may be required).

It will take a few minutes to adjust the taper tool properly on your table saw or disk sander, but once done, it will stay adjusted. The taper tool will even work on a friend or neighbors table saw or sander! NOTE: For 6" disc sanders with tables with an approximate dimension of 6" x 9" Item #5160-02 Tim's Nock Tool Adapter Plate is required.

Tim's Taper Tool for Nocks and Tips will give you perfect nock and tip tapers on all arrow shaft woods every single taper! This tool is very easy to use, and will leave your fingers blister free, even after tapering dozens of Douglas Fir or hardwood shafts! The spring loaded hold down keeps the arrow shaft in the alignment guides and has an adjustable stop to precisely adjust taper length. Standard 11 degree nock taper and 5 degree point taper.

Single or barrel tapered shafts are no problem. This tool will accurately nock and tip taper arrow shafts before or after shafts have been single or barrel tapered, no matter the taper length.

Tim's Taper Tool for nocks and tips are made of very high quality hardwood plywood with Maple face veneers. Fasteners are brass and the finish is clear gloss lacquer.

Please note, Tim's Nock Tool Adapter Plate is NOT required for 8" sanders with tables with an approximate dimension of 16" x 7", but 6" disc sanders with smaller tables will require the use of the Nock Tool Adapter plate.

Full Instructions included. If you misplace your instructions, you can download them below.

Read Full Instructions for use with Table Saws

Read Full Instructions for use with Sanders

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm