Tim's Barrel Taper ToolItem Number: 5161X
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Made in the US
Tim's Barrel Taper Tool

Tim's Barrel Taper Tool

Item Number: 5161X
$154.99 $159.99 - $184.99
Made in the US

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Tim's Taper Tool for Barrel Tapers is capable of making "barrel" tapered shafts and is designed to be used on most table saws (with sanding wheel attachment), or combination belt and disk sanders. The taper tool will even work on a friend or neighbor's table saw or sander!

The original definition of "barrel" described an arrow shaft that was shaped like a barrel stave. The finished shaft curved from a small diameter at one end to the largest diameter in the center and back to a small diameter at the opposite end. In contemporary times a "barrel" tapered shaft has both ends tapered, but the tapers are straight. This taper tool does make a small curve or parabolic shape on the arrow shaft, but it does not make a barrel stave shaped shaft. One end only (single taper) can be done with this tool or both ends of your arrow shafts may be tapered, thus making "barrel" tapered shafts in the contemporary sense. A common "barrel" taper is 11/32" at the tip end and 5/16" at the nock end. A shaft when tapered at both ends is also called a double tapered shaft.

The barrel taper tool is adjustable, so shafts can be tapered to different diameters and lengths at each end. 23/64" shafts can be tapered to 11/32" or 5/16" and the taper length can be up to 10" in length. 11/32" shafts can be tapered to 5/16" and up to 10" in length.

After tapering, your shafts will require only minimal hand sanding if stain and/or clear finish will be used to finish your arrows, and requires NO hand sanding if cresting paint is used.

This tool is designed to be used on most table saws and combination sanders. Installation and initial adjustment will take a few minutes, but once done your new taper tool is very easy to use. Used in combination with Tim's Taper Tool for Nocks and Tips and the arrow driver that is supplied with the barrel taper tool, a dozen arrow shafts can be double tapered and nock and tip tapered in 10 - 15 minutes.

Tim's Taper Tool for Barrel Tapers are constructed of very high quality hardwood plywood with Maple face veneers. All fasteners are brass and the finish is clear gloss lacquer. The arrow slot is made of solid maple and can be replaced if worn or damaged.

Full Instructions included. Available in Table Saw model, or Belt Sander Model. Please specify. Please note, sanding disc is not included. The 10" sanding disc and 120 grit sanding discs needed for use with the Table Saw are commonly available at woodcraft stores.

Read Full Instructions for use with Table Saws

Read Full Instructions for use with Sanders