Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches Item Number: 6856
$4.50 $4.50
Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches

Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches

Item Number: 6856
$4.50 $4.50

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Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches make rips, tears, and holes a nuisance of the past! These 3" diameter patches are easy to carry and easy to use.

Use Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches to repair holes and tears in tents, packs, clothing, and other gear. It bonds to outdoor materials such as nylon, vinyl, and rubber.

It's easy to use. Just make sure the surface of the material you are patching is clean, dry, and clear of debris. Cut an appropriately sized piece from the patch and remove the backing. Apply pressure from the center out as you place the patch on the material. And you're done! The perfect repair job, simple, easy, and quick!

Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches are sold in 3" diameter circular patches. Each package contains 4 patches, 2 black and 2 clear.

  • Machine washable
  • Black patches are made from sturdy fabric
  • Clear tape is made using PVC
  • Ultra-strong; comparable to duct tape
  • Clean release tape: can be repositioned without leaving residue
  • Seals leaking seams and keeps rips from growing
  • Long lasting