Spinster™ Motorized Target-Go-RoundItem Number: 6922-01
$99.99 $99.99
Spinster™ Motorized Target-Go-Round

Spinster™ Motorized Target-Go-Round

Item Number: 6922-01
$99.99 $99.99

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Sharpen your skills while you tickle your fancy! The Spinster™ Motorized Target-Go-Round makes target practice fun and challenging!

The sturdy, lightweight aluminum base houses the motorized components of the Spinster™. The motor features a potentiometer, which allows it to spin up to 12 revolutions per minute. A single 9-volt battery will power the Spinster™ for many hours (not included). The included ratchet strap allows you to firmly attach the base to an archery target (sold separately). Tech Tip: To conserve battery life, disconnect the battery when not in use.

The 32" long aluminum arms are removable and extend your suspended targets beyond the base and the target or structure upon which it is mounted. The 12" sash chains with grippers suspend each target from the arms. The chains are highly resistant to damage from arrow tips and bullets, while the grippers firmly attach to your target of choice. Use clay pigeons, playing cards, plastic bottles, aerial targets, water balloons... just about any kind of small object you can think of. Try the new Thunder Caps for a "big bang!"

The convenient remote control allows you to turn the Spinster™ on and off as well as control the speed. You can start the Spinster™ at slower speeds as you get more and more practice. Once you are proficient, you can increase the speed all the way up to the full 12 RPM for the ultimate moving target challenge.

Assembles and disassembles for easy transport (travel case not included).

Take your target shooting to the next level with the Spinster™ Motorized Target-Go-Round! Weighs 3.2 lbs. (with ratchet strap and battery).
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm